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        本系列機型充分采用了日本清洗工藝和韓國清洗工藝各自的特點,再針對目前使用的各種主要清洗溶劑進行優化設計,具有使用方便、安全,效率高、能耗小的特點。主要適用于五金沖壓件,有色金屬,精密電子零件,PCB 上的松香、高精密機械零件的油脂、高檔次表殼表帶和燈飾上的拋光蠟及污垢等等。具有快速洗凈和干燥的優點,適用于批量連續生產。

        this series equipment fully adop the features of Japanese cleaning process and Korean cleaning process, and then make optimization design according to main cleaning solvents in use. They possess the features of convenient operation, safety, high-effective efficiency, and low-energy consumption. They are mainly used for hardware stamping parts, nonferrous metals, precise electronic parts, rosin on PCB,grease on high-precision mechanical parts, high-grade watchcases and watchbands, polishing paste and fouling on lamps, and so on. They are easy-cleaning and dry,suitable for continuous batch production.
        • 設備特點

        • 基本參數
          • 槽體全進口不銹鋼結構,耐酸耐堿,外形美觀大方。
          • 設置內藏冷凍系統,有效防止溶劑揮發。 
          • 設置液位控制系統,確保機器正常工作。
          • 設置自動溫控加熱裝置 , 溫控范圍常溫 -110℃ .
          • 設置快速冷凍干燥系統,快速干燥工件。
          • 超聲發生器和缸體一體化結構,整潔美觀。
          • 采用進口優質換能器,能量轉換效率高。
          • Trough body is whole-imported stainless steel, resisting acid and alkali, and in good shape.
          • Set inner freezing system to protect the solvent from volatilization.
          • Set liquid level control system to make sure the machine working well.
          • Set temperature automatic control heating system to control the normal temperature as -110℃ .
          • Set quick freeze-drying system to dry parts quickly.
          • The ultrasonic generator and cylinder are integrated to make it clean and elegant.
          • Adopt imported high-quality transducer to improve the energy conversion efficiency.
          There are many types for your choice, and we can also produce them according to customers’ requirements.
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